As a native Arizonan

As a native Arizonan, I take every chance to reflect upon this wonderful place I call home, and count my blessings each time I do. Arizona is a beautiful state, a changing state, a complex and sometimes stressful place to live, yet I’ll always call it home and not trade it for anywhere else because of the following reasons:

It’s home because the smell of the desert after a monsoon rain is too pleasant to describe.

It’s home because the mountains are so beautiful and a wonderful place for a nature walk.

It’s home because my family is just not my parents and brother, but my friends and neighbors who care about me.

It’s home because my teachers want me to enjoy school and never stop learning. 

It’s home because I care about my town and the people who live in it.

While Arizona is so beautiful, from the Grand Canyon, to Sedona, to Lake Havasu and the White Mountains, it’s not a State of perfection. Crime is a problem in Phoenix. Immigration concerns will always be an issue. Growth, especially in Phoenix, is rampant and I wonder how long the water supply will hold up. I worry about people living in rural Arizona who moved there for solitude, yet will likely face the pressures of population growth and overcrowding as we do in Phoenix. Yet, its home.

Therefore, as a native and proud resident of this State, I will make it my goal to improve the way of life for all of us in Arizona. Giving back to society is an obligation we should all carry with pride. I plan to attend Arizona State University and remain active in the community. I’ve volunteered for a number of causes while in high school, and will continue to do so at ASU. Whether it’s a community food drive or working with challenged teens, I’ll be there to help. Whether it’s picking up litter in the Grand Canyon or encouraging my friends to vote and taking part in the electoral process, I’ll be there to help. 

Why do I do this? Because, Arizona is my home.