I love Arizona for three reasons

I love Arizona for three reasons: it’s warm, it’s pretty, and the people here are very nice.

In Arizona, I live in the Ahwatukee area near Phoenix. I was raised to age 13 there. I was then dragged away from my beloved birth place, to North Carolina. There I spent my time, pining for my lost desert. However, there is a twist of irony in this story. At age 12, I decided, I HATED Arizona. There was no trees, no snow, no anything, just desert. “Just desert” soon became all I longed for. I adore the desert and all its subtle beauty. My experience really can be summed up in a phrase “the grass is always greener on the other side.”

In Ahwatukee, it’s a planned community. There are large roads that make it easy for a first time driver. It has secluded homes that are a relief to return to, after a hectic day at school. Cool tile, and warm sun, it’s magical. Words can’t even come close to the beauty and security Ahwatukee provides for its residents.

An example of how my community is so wonderful is every Christmas, they set up lights all over the trees and mountains for us to admire and smile despite the lack of a “white Christmas.” In North Carolina, the roads are cracked and small. Houses tend to be large and empty, while the snow, is only really slush that makes you so cold you hurt. The community claimed strong religious values and companionship, but not once did a neighbor or other community member extend the arm of friendship. Ahwatukee is my home, with its purple sunsets every evening, and cheerful sunshine during the day. It shall always be in my heart.