The pro sports teams are great

So what if the temperature is about 115 degrees every day during the summer time! I love this state. The pro sports teams are great. There are many beautiful mountains in Arizona to take pictures of or even climb. Sure, the heat can overwhelm you at times, but if anything, it forces you to drink plenty of water. The last I checked, water is good for you. As long as you have a bottle of water handy, you should be all right. I rather be in a warm climate state rather than freezing in Wisconsin or Chicago during the winter time. You don’t have to worry about tropical storms as much in Arizona as you do in other states such as Florida. Arizona is the twenty-first largest economy among states in the U.S.

In Arizona, you can find the Grand Canyon, and many other National Forests and parks. In my opinion, Arizona is a great place to visit and even greater place to live. There are many job opportunities in Arizona, especially in law enforcement. A guy by the name of Joe Arpaio was named America’s toughest sheriff. Mr.Arpaio is the Sheriff of the Maricopa County police in Arizona. I plan to major in Criminal Justice and who knows, maybe follow Mr.Arpaios’ example as a tough man of justice.

In closing, I love living in Arizona, and can’t imagine living anywhere else. The weather is fantastic, the people are friendly, and the site seeing is wonderful.